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Karyn is an internationally acclaimed business consultant, coach and lean practitioner, and coauthor of The Toyota Way to Service Excellence. Karyn comes to the world of business and lean from the world of art. A practicing artist, with an MFA in Sculpture, Karyn helps people rediscover their creativity so that they can generate new ideas based on synthesizing learning from previous experiences. Then she teaches them how to use Toyota Way/lean principles, practices and tools to turn those ideas into the services and products that satisfy clients now and for the future. Focused on service excellence, Karyn works with small, medium and large organizations in sectors as diverse as insurance, financial services, HR, transportation, higher education and manufacturing. A purpose driven consultant, Karyn is passionate both about helping companies create more effective and efficient ways of working so that they – and their customers – flourish, thrive and grow, and about helping people reclaim their innate creativity so that they can solve problems at work, at home, in their communities and in the wider world.

Karyn lives in Naperville, Illinois and is the owner of Karyn Ross Consulting. She coaches, consults and facilitates workshops all over the world, both in-person and remotely. Her new book, How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence: A Workbook for Lean Coaches (Productivity Press) will be available Spring 2019.



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